E n j o y   u n i q u e   d i g i t a l   p r i n t s

Exclusive print versions of digital artwork

Carefully packaged pigment-ink prints

Fine-art papers with excellent archivability

This is my "gift-shop" with pictures, but you can also commission Translations and Programming.

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Order by email, pay using PayPal

The above link takes you to my PDF catalog! Apart from the pictures themselves, it contains information about this offering.

When you find a picture you would like to order, please send me an email with its title and, since the prints are custom made, please also let me know the size in centimetres of the larger side you require. This is explained in more detail in the catalog.

Don't forget to also include the postal address, including your country name. I will usually reply on the same day with a confirmation message.

Then it's okay to send payment to my PayPal handle orders@picwok.com. Do remember that PayPal offers you a well-defined level of buyer-protection for material goods, so don't worry too much about ordering from me online.


I will usually see to printing and shipping on the next working day, and will include a detailed invoice. To avoid returns, please consider how you would like to frame or present the print, and which print size you need for this.

All prints are shipped as-is, without a picture frame. Don't forget that the "larger side" you provide refers to the width or height of the image portion itself (the printed picture rectangle) on the sheet of fine-art paper you will receive. This sheet is of a standard size (A3, A4, or A5).

International shipping

Your prints are enclosed individually in cellophane sleeves and are shipped laying flat inside a rugged, FSC® certified protective cardboard. There is a flat shipping charge of 10 EUR.